Launch Extension Setup

Adobe released Launch Extension which is the next Generation Platform for Tag management. It simplifies the workflow involved in the development, testing and deployment of tags to website. Launch Extension is a platform where multiple external third party tag services can be easily integrated through Extension Catalog Store.


The entire development and tooling for the Launch Extension uses the Web Development stack of NodeJS HTML and Javascript.

Extension Components

  • Data Elements : Create new DataElements and share the data across extensions
  • Rules -> Rules are at the logical core of your implementation and control the what, when, where, and how of all the tags on your site. Create a New Rule using the Events,Conditions and Actions
  • Events : Click, Swipe
  • Condition : Apply the Action only for specific condition. e.g A, BODY, DIV.
  • Action : ShowAlert, SendAnalyticsToThirdParty

Scaffolding a New Extension

Scaffolding cli helps developers to generate the necessary boilerplates for the events,actions and conditions. By default it includes the entries in the manifest extension.json file

npx @adobe/reactor-scaffold

Sandbox : Local Development Environment

npx @adobe/reactor-sandbox

Create a Build Package for uploading

npx @adobe/reactor-packager

Uploading the package to Adobe Catalog Store

npx @adobe/reactor-uploader

Debug from Console


Extension UI Them :

Adobe uses Coral Theme. While designing the extension UI forms, we can use this theme so its consistent acorss all extensions.

I would like to thank @aaronhardy for his enormous contribution on the Launch Platform concepts through various videos, articles and support via slack.

Slack Community

Join the Launch Extension slack community form here : Slack Channel:

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