Google Apps Script - Exploration

When people wants a simple, automated scripting solution for their day-to-day activities, business workflows or even processing some files/data, Google Apps script is the first tool which i recommend for them. I use the Apps script extensively atleast to create initial POC related to API Integration. If you

I have been working in Google Apps script for more than 6 years and i can see great improvements in the API since the initial launch of the Apps Script.

In this post i am have jotted down some of the important things which i researched and learnt on this journey.

  • Creating Dynamic Google Docs using Template
  • Creating Dynamic Google Slides using Template
  • Creating Custom Menu with Icons and Separators
  • Auth Scopes & Connect to External Apps via OAuth2
  • Datetime Conversions with Timezone
  • Creating HTML Pages and Publishing different versions
  • Creating a Shared Library (versionised) and using across different Apps.
  • Passing Querystring Arguments to Web App.
  • Delete All Rows in a Sheet
  • Sync Data to a Sheet from JSON
  • Expose a existing Sheet as a API Data via doget
  • Using WebPack to Bundle App ( labnol - apps script starter. Youtube Example)
  • Using external CSS like Material CSS inside a embedded html page.
  • Create a Invoice App (HTML Page + Materialize CSS) using Google Apps Script
  • Save User Properties and Read them
  • Editing manifest file (view->manifest appscript.json)
  • Locking Sheets and Setting Permissions for Range of Cells
  • Adding Notification via Toast and Alert Messages
  • Creating User Prompts, Custom Modal Dialogs inside Google Sheet
  • Formatting Cells (Custom Highlights)
  • Custom Formulas
  • Reading Actual Values and Display Values from Sheet
  • Creating a Custom Email Template inside Google Apps Script
  • Dealing Timeouts
  • Moving huge file items inside Google Drive

External Systems

I have created few libraries in Google Apps Script for the following external API’s. Please contact me if you need any support on these API’s.

  • Xero

  • FreeAgent

  • Fyle

  • Deputy

  • Google Reseller

  • Google Docs/Slides Manipulation via Batch API

  • MacVendors

  • BlueBeam

  • Twillio

  • Slack

  • Discord

  • CheckCentral

Personal Apps

These are the scripts which i have created for my personal use.

  • Automated Toptal Timesheet to Sync to Google Sheet
  • Created Script to Automate Wakatime Activity to Google Sheet
  • Created a Google Sheet based Bot Assistant for Skype Group Conversation