I saw the First Touch Devices in 2008 and its been a new experience when the devices responds to your touches. It’s a iPod Touch which i got at work to develop iOS Devices. Later then i bought a iPod Touch with 16GB to experiment with the Apps. Meanwhile i was still using the Feature Phone (Tata Indicom CDMA). I have not switched to touch smart phone when all my friends switched to touch phone as i already experienced the touch features on the iPod Touch.

Here a quick glance of my Phone Journey

  • 2006 - 2009 : Motorolla CDMA Phone (Tata Docomo Plan)
  • 2010 - 2012 : Tata Indicom CDMA Phone (Orange Display - Same Plan)
  • 2013 - 2016 : iPhone 4 (32 GB)
  • 2017 - Till Now : (May 2021) : Xiaomi Redmi 4A (32 GB)

I have lost and found most of these Phones and to my surprise i got all these back within 24 Hours. Thought of documenting this pattern. One of the interesting part here is I missed the iPhone 4 in the Path Train in NewYork at 4 PM and found them with a Railway Police Office and they contacted my Friend (recent dialled number) and fortunately i was in my friend’s home and immediately went and collected the Phone from the Office. They just enquired the color of the phone (white) and got a signature from Me. Everything happened in a matter of 3 minutes.

Then later, while driving on a Two wheeler, the Redmi Phone dropped from my Pocket which was noticed by another person behind Me and he collected and handedover to the near by Police Station (because i dropped next to the Station). When i came back home i realized i lost the phone and went to Find my Android Phone feature in the Google Web App and Initiated a Sound with a Number to Dial. Then an Inspector dialled to that Number (my Home Number) and said to come and collect the Phone.

I cannot say its a luck to found these Phones. Because, i felt i used the right available methods to get back these devices. In case of iPhone i sent a message to my Phone “If you found this Phone please call this Number - My Friend). And i acted within few minutes because the Battery level in the Phone was very low at that time. By the time i received the Phone from the NYC Station it already drained to 0”. In case of Redmi, i immeditaley acted to use the Google Web App to send a ringing sound and a contact number which helped me to get the phone back.

Note :

Not sure Karma acts here. Few years back i found a iPhone nearby street and called one of the recently dialled number and asked them to come and collect : )

Hope you enjoyed this Post.