31th Monday

  • Played with Hammersppon and I like it very much
  • Used Automation for Controlling IOT Devices, Managing Windows and Other Script Invoking Purposes.
  • What i am expecting.? - Collect the Toughts quickly and push them to JRNL and streamline those to a MD file
  • Tried connecting the VDSL Realtek Router using SSH, Telnet and FTP and It worked well. Also able to use the USB Storage Access via LANbut its Readonly Mode. Unable to creack how to support R/W Mounting

30th May Sunday

Challenges Faced :

  • Compiling Gradle. Took a working codebase and removed the app/src files and replaced with the Electric Sign files

29th May Saturday

  • None of the VOIP Softphone works with the datera Provider. Bit sure they are blocking based on region

28th May Friday

  • Confgured a webhook api using https://home.nkdews.me/webhooks/api via Nginx Proxy Manager.
  • This will directly hit my Laptop which i will be using for debugging
  • Also thinking to create a Logger to log all the web calls.