I have a 13inch Laptop. The display size most of the time is sufficient for general browsing, reading & writing purpose. But for Development purpose, i felt its too uncomfortable to scroll through the code and review the contet in place. For some time i was using the 19 inch monitor and it served the purpose for sometime. With the Dual Screen of laptop and External Monitor (19inch) i was able to work to some extent. When i was working on a new Project, base on a Wix Website, i was frustrated with the 19 inch monitor.

Wix Editor has mltiple sections and it’s hard to edit any elements or do some changes within the 19inch Disply screen. That’s the time i was looking for a lrger display otherwise it’s impossible to edit or code within the Wix Editor.

When i read the reviews of the monitors Dell Ultrasharp 27Inch (2719DU). This model caught my attention and bought them immediately. Some of the features i like the most in this laptop are support for Display Port and USB 3.0 Ports


  • Display Port with Daisy Chain Support (2 DP Port IN and OUT)
  • USB 3.0 External
  • USB 3.0 Input
  • Charging Port USB 3.0 (can also be used to connect USB accessories)
  • Great Display Quality with Resolution maax 2560 using HDMI and 3420 from DP

Cons :

  • Not much. Some minor things can be improved like single click display profile missing
  • Audio Out Volume is Low. Use with an external amplifier and volume control knob.

On Day 1, this 27 Monitor felt it was big enough to handle enything. After few days my Old 19inch Acer Monitor seems to be mini display and i amfeeling uncomfortable if i use that. This seems to be a psychology trick how our mind perceive things.

I am happy with this 27Inch Monitor and feel comfortable for coding and designing.

Thanks for reading.