Developing a Vaccine for this Pandemic time is not a simple thing. Researchers, Scientists have invested huge efforts and time to develop the vaccine and brought to commercial usage within a short span of time.

Covishield - First Shot

Initially I was not much interested on the Covid-19 Vaccine and had less trust on hearing various media news. Later I was convinced based on the experience of People who took the vaccine. I went to the nearby Government Hospital (ESI) Ayanavaram and i had my First Shot in the Mid of March 2021. I appreciate the people who have maintained the place very neat and clean and well organized. They have 4 sections ( Registration, Testing, Doctor Review and Vaccination Room). We need to register ourselves in the front office with the Small Form which asks for Adhaar Number, Name, Age, Mobile Details.

Then Blood Pressure, Oxygen Levels are tested. Then these details needs to be reviewed by a Doctor in the next section who either approves or rejects based on the Candidate’s testing results.

The doctor asked whether i took any medicines or undergoing any other treatment. He also gave option to choose Covishield or Covaxin. I went with Covishield as i felt more convincing than Covaxin based on the composition.

I had the First shot at around 12:30 PM and they asked to remain for 30 minutes for observation. There is a sharp pain for few days followed by Tiredness and Body Pain. First day i didn’t see much effect. But the second and third day it was tough for me to do any work and feel completely exhausted. Then i took a Paracetamol and went ot bed in the evening and felt refreshed in couple of hours. Then on the next day i was back to Normal with slight pain remained in the arm and it gradually disappeared.

Covishield - Second Shot

Since the government announced that the second shot works best if its delayed to 6-8 weeks, i waited for sometime and then after 50 days i went for Second Shot. This time i was prepared well and went on Friday so that i can take some rest in the weekends. To my surprise, the second shot had no effect. I had only pain in the arm. I didn’t faced any body pain. Looks like the body already created the necessary antibodies to deal with during the First Shot. : )

Family Members

As i got more trust on the vaccines, i took my Mother for the same inspite of her disinterest and frightening news on the Vaccines. During the initial tests they asked about the Sugar Level as She is a Diabetic Patient. Since the Sugar Level is more tha 200 (Taking Insulin) they asked to come back after bringing the Sugar Level to less than 200. My Mother happily returned back without having the Vaccine Shot. Even for Me She was so angry not to take the second shot based on my pain on during the First Shot. I couldn’t convince her and I went to the Vaccination Centre without Informing her and tok the Vaccine. Sometimes, changing the belief of people is tough when they already heard lot of scary news about the vaccination.

I strongly believe on this : “Do what your Intuitive Say. This will always Protect you at any cost”